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BOSS Tiedowns & Strapping


BOSS Tiedowns and Strapping prides itself on the quality of materials and safety of its industry-leading strapping solutions.

That's why EVERY strap is tested for break-strength, quality and weaving. BOSS Tiedowns and Strapping believes that any job worth doing, is worth doing right!

TTI Success Insights

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Delivering meaningful tools to solve some of the biggest people problems in organizations.

Online surveys that record a respondents’ unique combinations to a series of questions and statements to uncover elements of a person’s personality.

Lumber Buddy™


Unlike stationary pull rack systems, Lumber Buddy™ Portable Workstation goes where the work is. 

Eliminating unnecessary trips across the yard. Time is both time and money with Lumber Buddy™. 

LM Equipment Co. LTD.


L-M Equipment Co. Ltd. is the leading Package Cross Cut System

 Manufacturer in North America,

providing a wide variety of cutting solutions for the industry since 1957.

Log's, Boards, Cants, Lumber Packages.... L-M Equipment has a machine to help you process your product.

Patriot Strapping

Patriot Strapping, Custom-Made Quality Strapping, Lumber Industry Strapping, Military Grade Products

Patriot Strapping is based on the east coast and has been creating custom-made quality strapping for over 36 years.

Regardless of style, size or break strength, Patriot is able to make a quality product for every job. Patriot Strapping specializes in both lumber industry strapping and military grade products.

Lean more about what we believe in below:


We believe in utilizing tools to improve your efficiency, helping your yard to work safer and smarter!

Lumber Buddy™ allows you to safely make bundles ANYWHERE in the yard! Hand stacking without backaches due to its forklift adjustable heights. No longer worry about transporting bundles across the yard, Lumber Buddy™ is designed to safely get you from A to B.

BOSS Strapping has been providing quality woven strapping for the lumber industry for 40+ years of safer alternative strapping option to heavy steel banding.

Patriot Strapping offers 36+ years of experience in both Wide and Narrow web fabrics and specializes in custom strapping to help eliminate waste on your yard.

More Efficient

We believe a LEAN organization creates the most effective processes in EVERY yard.

Lumber Buddy™ is a helpful "hire", who never calls in sick and is always ready to work. A dependable teammate to help make every day, as efficient as possible.

BOSS Strapping knows that time is important. BOSS offers the tools to help you get the job done quickly and right the first time. BOSS has a large assortment of tools, buckles and strapping for any and every job!

Patriot Strapping offers just the right woven strapping for any load, with the perfect size, break strength and style. Allowing you the perfect bundle EVERY time. 

More Profitable

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Profitability is the key to any successful operation.

Lumber Buddy™ is at work helping make yards more profitable in 48 of the 50 states and all Canadian Provinces.

BOSS Strapping creates quality woven strapping to help eliminate excess waste and injury from unruly steel banding.

Patriot Strapping has the tools, buckles and strapping to help any operation eliminate time wasted, damaged products and lost revenue.